Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is what I eat causes acne?

Not directly. You can enjoy a chocolate bar and there is not a scientific evidence of that producing a pimple. In fact, there is not a single prove that eating meat or dairies will directly produce a pimple. I’m not a dietitian and please I am not pretending to be one.  What I’d like to share with you is what some of my clients have gone through regarding their efforts to stop breaking out. I have met some of them who adopted strict vegetarian life style and two years later they stay vegetarian not because they succeeded in curbing acne activity but because it made them feel better. I am not discouraging you to eat healthy. Eating healthy benefit your skin, your immune system, your brain and your over all health.

The mechanics involved in your body that contributes to produce a pimple are more complicated than adopting a good diet. The entire medical, beauty, religious and quackery establishments have dedicated some time coming out with their own theory to cure acne, or at least provide a relief to the damaging effects of acne. I am going to prove you, though, that eating well, exercising and feeling exceptionally unbothered every day are the simplest, effective tactics in how to win your personal battle against acne.

Let's start with some simple suggestions that you can effortlessly adopt today and engage in this battle.  
This is the list of eating habits that I highly recommend to follow and life style that I suggest for you to practice:

  • Drink water...plenty of water in the morning. Avoid any drink that contains too much sugar. If you enjoy orange juice or apple juice, stick to four once in the morning.
  • Eat 2 fruits daily. Especially a banana and any citrus.
  •  Avoid any drink that promotes energy or muscle growth. Those drinks trigger your immune system to act indiscriminately against very small tissues like any component in your skin.
  • Salty food are known to cause cardiovascular diseases, but before that takes place, there are other significant damaging factors done on your sweat ducts and tiny blood vessels. Keep in mind, your skin is a large dumping site. Your body excretes sweat and sebum through your pores, if these substances are loaded with compounds heavily salt saturated, this would create irritation in the mouth of your pores. 
  • Know what brings salty compounds into your diet. Chips, junk food, crackers, ham, bacon, instant soups, saturated fat. Avoid the majority of cheeses or reduce its consumption. 
  • Red Meat is needed. Whether we like to agree of not on this subject, red meat is what scientist have agreed upon to what made us who we are in animal kingdom. Eat it, but when you do so, combine it with steamed vegetables or salad. Stay away from mixing red meat with anything that is high in carbohydrates like rice or pasta. Eating meat twice per week is more than what your body will require.
  • Avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol few hours before going to sleep. Sleep deprivation will prevent full cycle of healing events that are necessary to fight against body invaders like bacteria or germs.
  • Avoid meals with high content of carbohydrates after 3 P.M. Carbohydrates ingested at late afternoon or late at night are not going to be properly digest. This type of food left in your guts overnight will give life to corrupt energy and dangerous levels of glucose.
  • Exercise!!! Exercising your body will ensure that will perform exceptionally well. Physical activity produces energy and releases excess of toxics that otherwise it will poison your body.
  • Every morning tell that person in the mirror how happy you feel.
  • If you cannot honestly say that to yourself, then it is time to invest in some good source of enlightenment. Please not the T.V.!!!!! Order or buy a book. Sometimes we think we know it all and dismiss the idea of reading a good book.
  • And yes have that chocolate bar....if it makes you feel great. DO IT. Remember: stay unbothered.   

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