Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is there any safe makeup for a person suffering from acne?

No. There isn't any makeup that will ensure relief for any acne sufferer. However, I won't dare to tell any women, in particular, not to use makeup. It's safe to say if you need to and you have to use makeup, well go ahead. My, almost a quarter of a century, experience in the function of the skin would not allow me to "bless" the reality of makeup application. Certainly, any of these makeup manufacturers will strongly disagree with me because they have invested tons of money in producing convincing literature. Their jargon makes a lie to sound scientifically convincing. I said "producing literature" because, for sure, they did not invest any money in improving  their product ingredient.
The skin maintains a protective mantle at all times. This protective mantle is mainly composed by the combination of sweat acidity, oil produce by the sebaceous glands, and some other byproducts generated by a large community of friendly bacteria and microbes that reside on the skin. This mixture is what determines a healthy skin, oily skin, dry skin, etc.  When artificial ingredients like makeup are added to this equation, this natural film becomes altered, abundant, or in some cases polluted. In the case of acne condition, the skin surface is already dealing with over-active oil glands. This excess produces inconvenience like congested, inflamed, and swollen pores. Compounds from makeup absorbed the oiliness on the surface, which sounds ideal, until the induced dryness triggers an automatic production of rich and thick oil from pores. As a result, this mixture provides a delightful environment for acne bacteria to flourish.
If you have to use makeup, use it. I suggest to minimize its application and time left on your skin and invest in a good face cleanser and moisturizer to help the skin to condition itself.