Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's the real benefit of facial anyway?

Interesting enough the word facial  appeals in our minds as  a mask application, a relaxing atmosphere, and a feeling of a cleaned face. Almost everyone may agree with this. Others might relate that facials are for people either with vain inclinations or absorb in some futile pastimes. Some others have learned to enjoy and benefit of a twice per month must-have facial routine. Whatever your notions might be about facials here are some insights that I hope you consider in the future.
Living in complex societies in the western world where, predominantly, appearance plays an important role, facials should be considered as a part of the grooming process. Furthermore, well orchestrated facials are an opportunity to bring about those sensations from your mother's love. Sensations that were impregnated in your skin since you were a baby. Studies have shown that when humans or any other mammals did not have nurturing and love-filled touches from their mother that can carry some strong possibilities of serious neurological and psychological adversities in later years. Those infant days full of mother's love have left some significant prints embedded into the memory of your skin cells. That pampering experience, the massage and kisses and even those smacks you received when you were little fomented your life experience but, unarguably, stimulated healthy growth within your skin cells. Those sensations spring back to life when you have a facial. Indeed, the simple cleansing massage, the invigorating deep tissue massage on your face, neck, and shoulder will have some profound effects on your wellbeing. Skin cells, in particular, respond to touch naturally. Their internal "wiring" system have been fundamentally design to carry, conduct, or deliver energy through touch. So please, do not underestimate the power of a good facial and schedule one as soon as possible. I promise you you will never regret this.


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