Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is the use of antibiotics helpful for acne?

Based on my long standing observation on those who previously have taken antibiotics, but have been giving up their use after seen minor improvements or no results, my conclusion goes well with the sincere practitioners who refrain from prescribing antibiotics to treat acne. The use of antibiotic should be limited to serious risk of infection. Bacteria in planet earth have long been existed, even before the human race. So just imagine how indomitable, potent, and diverse can these organisms can be. Antibiotics could offer some relief for acne only if a doctor takes a sample of this facial impurities on the surface and sends it to a laboratory. Results will determine the type of bacteria that are present. Obviously, having a professional to take a sample would be too much to expect and costly.  Another discouraging fact, it is the resiliency and adaptability of bacteria. In some cases the actual antibiotic produce the unintended outcome of bacteria mutation where bacteria may become meaner and stronger bacteria. Adding to the list of inconveniences, antibiotics are naturally unfriendly to our guts, and this can cause some uncomfortable digestive pain and unpredictable visits to the bathroom.

I don't want to sound too drastic on this critique of antibiotics, but if you want to consider that road, take smaller doses and for a short period of time. A month supply will give you an idea of how effective is for you. Like always when you are dealing with prescribed medicine, check with your doctor. As a suggestive information, keep in mind that bacteria as an organism needs food supply and warmer temperatures. Our skin provides them all these commodities for free! Over active pores, like I usually call them instead of implying something abnormal taking place in their inside, have a common denominator: producing more than what the actual skin needs to maintain proper moisturizing levels. Their over productivity of sebum is the root of almost all the cases of acne. Once a pore begins this vicious cycle, the clogging is what triggers a set of recurring patterns like festering all impurities trap inside, providing an exuberant environment for bacteria growth, and inciting irritation.

The ideal approach that works wonders is to find an experienced Esthetician who can coach you and help you to do a deep pore cleansing. By experienced Esthetician, I mean at least 10 years of uninterrupted career. Cleaning up your pores is the simplest yet complicated task. Pores structures are not uniform, therefore you need to have plenty of light, magnified lamp, a facial chair, a steamer, proper angle, and expertise. Please do not attempt to do it yourself -I don't even do my deep pore cleansing. If you live very far away from our clinic, nowadays with modern communication tools I will be able to coach and customize a recovery plan for you. Visit our website or call us, I only need a picture and your desire to tame this destructive skin behavior.

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